Scott Borland is an award-winning composer with an extensive body of work in scoring documentaries, features, shorts, and commercials. Scott began his musical career at age 17 in Los Angeles, CA, where he worked for several years as a recording artist and touring musician. He began composing original music for film and television at age 26, creating vibrant and colorful music for clients in wide varieties of musical genres utilizing his instrumental background in guitar, bass, piano/keyboards, contrabass, and cello. Scott specializes in orchestral simulation and arrangements in styles traditional and modern, as well as electronic music, and various styles of rock/pop. Scott's clients come to him for his ability to add new originality to their project, which accentuates their vision for their piece whether it be a commercial, a corporate video, a short or a feature length film.  


 "One of the most exciting aspects of this project was the opportunity to work with musician Scott Borland. Expressing my conceptual goals for the work, I knew he understood what would be appropriate. After finishing a rough cut of the animation in early spring 2011, I sent it to Scott. As soon as I heard his initial sequences, I knew the music would support and transform the final work in ways I could not have imagined. His musical skills and sensitive insight adds an important critical dimension to the work. "

-Gerald Guthrie, Animator (commenting on the project "The Cycle of Life")


"Mr. Borland is an individual I have had the pleasure of working with on both personal and professional levels. He is my first call when I am looking at music for a commercial, film, or promotional piece because I know that he can do it regardless of the tone or style. He is extremely versatile in his composition and incredibly easy to talk to as an artist. These are two traits that make him an employable professional. Whether he is working on music for a personal project, commercial or feature film, he throws himself into the work with resounding results."

-Warren Skeels, Tigerlily Media


 "I have collaborated with Mr. Borland on a film project, for which he composed truly moving and inspirational music that became more than just a score. His musical sensibilities created another character altogether that helped tell my story and see my vision to its fullest potential. Through my over 15 years working in the film industry, it is rare that I have found a more devoted and giving artist in the area of musical composition"

-Dan Solomon, Somantic Productions